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The One with the Cuffs ;)


"You cannot leave me here,” Stiles hisses.

"I’ll be ten minutes, tops," Derek promises, sliding on his deputy jacket and grinning roguishly. "I’ll make it worth your while."

"No, Derek!" Stiles gestures to the door, still closed, thank god, but with the rest of the damn police department milling around outside. "Someone might come in!"

"Someone might have come in half an hour ago when you were blowing me on my desk," Derek smirks, "Didn’t stop you then."

"I wasn’t half naked from the waist down!"

"I was."

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"god, why do they keep letting posey do interviews?"

wow you’re right gosh it’s almost like he’s the lead of the show or something


OMG I’m soooo proud of DOB! Our baby deserves all the awards cause he’s just such an amazing actor! You go Dylan!




Everyone is on a journey at any given moment in their lives. Some are small missions like finding chocolate when you crave it and others are bigger, character changing journeys that take a lot longer to make, for instance, trying to win someone’s heart or mourning a loved one. Some journeys begin simple and get complicated and squiffy on route and others remain simple or squiffy the entire time. There are a million different paths to take and millions of people on different ones all the same time however, all journeys have one thing in common; they are only known best by the people on them.

Our paths intertwine with others but they NEVER merge. No matter how close two people are, they will always experience the same situations differently and therefore their paths can become parallel but never the same exact path. No two people live identical lives. So, we can sympathise and empathise with people around us who’s journeys we have some idea of but sometimes, we watch strangers from afar make choices we don’t agree with and we judge them harshly and based…on what? We judge superficial things like outfits and hairstyles or deeper things like who dated/married who or who cheated and why. We do this with celebrities and friends and people we see walking down the street and we often judge without any information other than what we see with our eyes. We don’t know any of the reasons, motives or emotions behind their decisions and we don’t know what journey they’ve been on to get to that point and yet we decide we do/don’t like said person based on the tip of the iceberg and think we are entirely right to do so. 

Flip it for a minute. You choose to wear a jumper that a relative, who has now passed on, gave you because it reminds you of them. It’s not the fanciest jumper. The colour isn’t flattering, it’s too big for you and it’s ripped around the edges but none of that matters because it was theirs. Now someone, at school say, makes fun of you for it because who would choose to look like that? They don’t know that you’re aware it’s not a fashion statement nor do they know you’re not wearing it for that reason. They don’t know the journey you’re on or how far along that path you are and they’re judging you on what they can see. Not how you feel. Doesn’t seem fair, does it? 

The two things to think about are: 

1. What you think when you see other people. What is it you’re judging? How much information do you really have and is it fair of you?

And 2. If someone’s judging you on what they see without knowing your reasons or feelings, depending on how close to you they are, you can either explain politely your reasons for doing so OR leave them to their pointless, false judgements. They don’t matter!

Just some thoughts for this drizzly Sunday evening!